What are the meeting room guidelines?

As listed in the Meeting Room, Conference Room, and Privacy Pod Procedures 

Bookings are made on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms may be booked ahead of time for the current month, plus three months in advance. Please check with your local branch for conference room and privacy pod booking procedures. 

When using JMRL meeting spaces, please: 

  1. Follow JMRL’s conduct policy (Conduct in JMRL (policy 4.232). JMRL reserves the right to prohibit an individual or group’s further use of meeting and conference rooms if they violate JMRL policies, procedures, or guidelines. 
  2. Feel free to consume food and non-alcoholic beverages. 
  3. Notify the library in a timely manner if a booking needs to be canceled so that others may use the room. Repeatedly not showing up for a scheduled booking may result in losing the ability to book rooms in the future. 
  4. Return the room to the condition in which it was found. You are financially responsible for any damage incurred to the premises, furniture, or equipment while using the room. Please allow time for your group to setup and cleanup during branch open hours when booking JMRL meeting room spaces. 
  5. Request audiovisual equipment in advance if needed. No other supplies are provided. 
  6. Use library A/V equipment in accordance with the guidelines of JMRL’s Audio-Visual Equipment Use Policy (JMRL Policy: Section 5.7). Information about what equipment is available at each meeting space is available at jmrl.org/meeting-rooms. JMRL neither guarantees the quality of AV equipment nor can necessarily make staff available to troubleshoot. Advance AV training may be required, check with your local branch. 
  7. Contain your meeting to the room reserved. JMRL rooms are not available to store supplies for groups or individuals. 
  8. Be sure your publicity carries the name of the sponsoring group. The library cannot be identified as the sponsor or used as a point of contact for the group. 
  9. Refrain from posting flyers or signs for events or meetings around the library unless approved by the Library Director or Branch Manager. 


The library assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or liability/injury that may arise through use of the facility.