Mission and Values

Mission Statement

JMRL fosters personal growth and life-long learning for all by connecting people with ideas, information, and each other.

Customer Service Statement

Libraries are for everyone. We’re pleased to offer you library service with kindness, respect, and understanding.


WE SERVE OUR COMMUNITY. Our goal is to deliver exceptional service and honor our place at the center of the communities we support. We are committed to offering you qualified and well-trained staff equipped to meet your information needs. We appreciate diversity and are mindful of the culture and history of our organization, our region, and our communities.

WE PROVIDE FREE, EQUITABLE, OPEN ACCESS TO INFORMATION. We carefully curate a collection of physical and electronic materials that reflects our community. We believe public libraries play a critical role in fostering a democratic society, and we embrace our responsibility to amplify a full spectrum of voices. We advocate for intellectual freedom and make your privacy a priority.

WE INSPIRE LIFELONG LEARNING. We provide education and experiences to community members at every stage of life. We strongly promote reading and writing, and teach critical skills that help you navigate the world of information and technology. We offer free recreational and educational events for kids, teens, and adults where you can indulge your curiosity, explore your interests, and discover new passions.

WE CULTIVATE A WELCOMING ENVIRONMENT FOR COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT. We want our libraries to be comfortable, inviting, accessible spaces where you can work and play. We create opportunities for people to connect, exchange ideas, and discover community resources. Our libraries are inclusive spaces for people of all backgrounds, where everyone is welcomed and respected. We promote kindness and believe in service to the community.