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Request Digital Copies of Daily Progress articles

Due to increased demand for newspaper research in Charlottesville's "Daily Progress," the Jefferson Madison Regional Library system has implemented the following procedures:

  • Since there is neither index to nor a way to search in the "Daily Progress," an exact date of an event must be submitted for every search request.
  • For an obituary, the search will go one week beyond the date of death. For other newspaper research the one week search will be done in the most efficient manner.
  • Local patrons who desire local newspaper searches are encouraged to come to the library to do the research on their own.
  • There will be a limit of 3 newspaper searches each month per patron.
  • Email response is the preferred response for newspaper searches. Articles will be sent in PDF format.

Genealogical Research

Adult and Reference Services does not have the resources to reply to genealogical inquiries, however JMRL does provide access to several online databases (including Ancestry (in library use only) and Heritage Quest) where you can start your research. Visit the genealogy section of the Digital Library to find them.

Daily Progress Online

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Daily Progress (2019 - Current)
A digital archive covering January 1st, 2019 to present. Issues before 2019 are available on microfilm at the Central Library. Email reference@jmrl.org for assistance.
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Daily Progress Digital Edition Archive: 1893-1964
A digital archive covering 1893 - 1964.