Teacher Cards

Everything you need to know about JMRL's new offering!

Who is eligible for a teacher card?

  • All educators who work in public, private, and preschool programs linked to non-profit organizations or schools are eligible. (Daycare employees will not be eligible for teacher cards).
  • Educators who work in a school within the JMRL service area are eligible, even if they live outside the service area. Out-of-Area fees are waived.

How does it work?

  • Items can be checked out for 6 weeks.
  • No renewals.
  • No overdue fines or late renewal fines on items checked out to teacher cards, but items will be billed if they are not returned. Teachers are responsible for keeping their accounts in good standing.

Can all items available through JMRL be checked out?

  • Yes! Books, DVDs, CDs, toy kits, eBooks, maker kits and more. A teacher card can check out anything that a standard library card can.

How do I obtain a teacher card?

  • The educator must present either their school badge or other documentation at the time the application is being processed.

Do teacher cards expire?

  • Yes, teacher cards need to be renewed annually.

Can non-educational materials be checked out on a teacher card?

  • The cards are intended for school or edu- cational related materials. We ask that personal materials be checked out on a standard library card.