Summer Reads - 2014

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Article in the Adult Fiction category.

Summer is a great time to discover new books. Try a title from the list below to find some entertaining reads to get you started.

Claire Waverley is a shy but talented caterer who weaves her herbs and spices into her foods, changing moods and affecting emotions in her small North Carolina hometown.

Try this story of a powerful but complex lifelong friendship between shy Vix and wild child Caitlin, who become fast friends amidst the backdrop of 1977 Martha’s Vineyard. That friendship is tested over the years in this beach read that only Judy Blume could write.

Adventure-seekers will love this Western -- Jack Cameron, a scout with the deadliest shot in the West, finds that he may be falling for the wife of the man he agreed to help find lost Spanish gold. But will they find it before someone else does?

Daniel can remember his past lives and is haunted by a love from millennia ago. Lucy, a UVA student, feels drawn to a stranger she feels she knows. But sinister forces are at work, and the love Daniel strives to rekindle is threatened once again.

Find out what this dog’s purpose is with this endearing and often hilarious novel narrated from a dog’s perspective, as he goes through several lives struggling to figure out what he is meant for on this earth. Follow it up with A Dog's Journey

Take a trip to Italy with this comedy in the style of Cyrano de Bergerac. American student Laura falls for Tommaso when she tastes his cooking, but she doesn’t know that shy Bruno is the real chef - and expresses his secret love for her through his food.

In this suspenseful thriller, Nick is falsely accused of his wife’s murder. Mysteriously, he is given the opportunity to go back in time hour by hour, which may allow him to rewrite history and prevent the murder from happening altogether.

Fat Charlie is an average Joe Schmo living in London who never realized that he was the son of the god Anansi, until his father dies in a karaoke bar. Soon after, he meets a brother he never knew existed, who proceeds to ruin his carefully planned life. Also try American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Cleopatra becomes possessed by the Egyptian goddess of vengeance and war after invoking a spell gone awry in this alternative history thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.

When Olivia and Beth meet accidentally in Nantucket, they find a friendship which helps each of them through their recent losses. Beth finds her passion for writing and finds herself channeling the voice of what might be Olivia’s 8-year-old recently deceased son in this heartfelt novel.

The Spellmans are a quirky family of P.I.s for whom snooping and blackmailing are a way of life, which leaves 28-year-old Izzy with virtually no privacy. She decides to leave the family business, but first she must take on one last case. Continue the story in Curse of the Spellmans

The day after George fixes the wing of a wounded crane, a mysterious woman comes into his life, altering it forever. This mythological retelling of a Japanese folktale is moving, funny, and beautifully told.

Unravel the mystery as Poe-admirer and attorney Quentin Clark seeks to unlock the final hours of Edgar Allan Poe’s bizarre death, hopefully before he meets a similar fate. Pearl’s exceptional research brings this historical mystery to life.

Go to watery depths with this graphic novel story involving a cursed man, a reclusive author, and a strange mermaid who is saved by a riverboat captain. Romantic and eerie, this story’s captivating charcoal illustrations should not be missed.

Eleven-year-old Julia’s world changes drastically as the rotation of the earth begins to slow down. But even as the days and nights grow longer and longer, she must also deal with issues in friendships and family in this coming-of-age novel.