JMRL Policy Manual - Index

Absent without Leave (section 2.43)
Accidents (procedure)
    Occurring in workplace (procedure)
    Patron Accidents or Illness (procedure)
Accounting Officers (Bylaws Art. 2, Sec 2) (section 1.21)
Administrative Services Agreement, City of Charlottesville (section 1.25)
Audit (Bylaws Art 5, Sec 2(f) (section 1.21)
Audio-Visual Equipment Use (section 5.7)
Availability of Library Services (section 4.21)
Banning Patrons from JMRL (section 4.232)
Blind and Physically Handicapped, Services to (procedure)
Board of Trustees (section 1.2)
Board of Trustees' Goals and Planning (section 1.22)
Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes (section 1.27)
Book Purchase Suggestions (procedure)
Bookmobile (section 4.41)
Branch Report, Monthly (section 1.5)
Bulletin Boards - Posting Signs (section 4.51)
Buy-a-Book (procedure)
Bylaws of the Board of Trustees (section 1.21)
Call Back, Reference (procedure)
Cash Collection and Handling (procedure)
Cash Transmittal Fax Form (procedure)
Cell Phones (section 4.232)
Children, Unattended (section 4.234)
Circulation Policy (procedure)
Circulation Scripts (procedure)
Charlottesville Administrative Services Agreement (section 1.25)
Code of Ethics
    Public Employees (section 2.1)
    Library Employees (section 2.11)
Community Partnerships (section 4.53)
Computer and Internet Access (section 4.7)
Conduct in JMRL (section 4.232)
Confidentiality of Patron Activity Records (section 4.224)
Co-operation with the Schools (section 4.54)
Damaged Materials (procedure)
Demotion (section 2.43)
Desk Reference - Branches (procedure)
Desk Reference - Central (procedure)
Disciplinary Actions (section 2.43)
Dismissal (section 2.43)
Displays, Handouts, and Signage (section 4.51)
Displays of Original Art (section 4.52)
Disposal of Library Equipment (section 3.1)
    Closing (section 5.3)
    Other Emergencies (section 5.2)
Employee Status (procedure)
Employment References (Section 2.44)
Equipment Fund (section 3.2)
Excessive Absenteeism (section 2.42)
Fax Machine (procedure)
Fees and Fines (section 4.225)
Fixed Assets (procedure)
Financial Matters
    Accounting Officers (Bylaws Art 2, Sec 2) (section 1.21)
    Audit (Bylaws Art 5, Sec 2 (f) ) (section 1.21)
    Buy-A-Book Donations (procedure)
    Cash Collecting and Handling (procedure)
    Cash Transmittal Fax Form (procedure)
    Disposal of Library Equipment (section 3.1)
    Inventory Procedures (procedure)
    Fax Machine Fees (procedure)
    Fees and Fines (section 4.225)
    Library Equipment Fund (section 3.2)
    Parking Reimbursement (section 2.7)
    Records Retention (procedure)
    Requesting Donations through Community Partnerships (section 4.53)
    Staff Training and Development Funding (section 2.2)
    Travel Reimbursement (section 2.6)
    Trustees Budget Committee (Bylaws Art 4, Sec 1) (section 1.21)
    Tuition Reimbursement (section 2.2)
    Virginia Library Association Membership (section 2.2)
Financial Records Retention (procedure)
FOIA Rights & Responsibilities (PDF) (section 1.8)
Food (section 4.232)
Friends of the Library (section 1.4)
    Buy-A-Book (procedure)
    Library Materials (procedure)
    Periodical Subscriptions (procedure)
    Unsolicited Gifts (section 1.6)
Group Visits (section 4.231)
Handouts, In-Library (procedure)
Hiring Employees (procedure)
Holidays - Schedule of Library Closings (procedure)
Illness, Patron (procedure)
Incident Reports (section 4.232)
Information Providers (procedure)
Interlibrary Loan (section 4.32)
Internet Access (section 4.7)
Internet Privacy (section 4.7)
Inventory Procedures (procedure)
Leave Slips (section 2.41)
Library Cards (section 4.221)
Library Employees Code of Ethics (section 2.11)
Library Equipment Fund (section 3.2)
Library Materials
    Gifts of (procedure)
    Reconsideration of (procedure)
Library Programs(section 4.38)
Library Services (section 4.21)
Library Vehicle Use (section 2.61)
Locations of the Policy Manual (section 1.28)
Magazine Mail Check-in (procedure)
Materials Selection (section 4.11)
Meeting and Conference Rooms (section 5.1)
    Guidelines - All Branches (section 5.1)
    Guidelines - Central (procedure)
    Guidelines - Crozet (procedure)
    Guidelines - Gordon Avenue (procedure)
    Guidelines - Greene County (procedure)
    Guidelines - Louisa County (procedure)
    Guidelines - Nelson Memorial (procedure)
    Guidelines - Northside (procedure)
    Guidelines - Scottsville (procedure)
Mission Statement (section 1.1)
Monticello Avenue (section 4.61)
    Complaints (procedure)
    Information Providers (procedure)
    Printing from the Internet (procedure)
Nondiscrimination (section 2.13)
Non-Resident Use (section 4.221)
Notary Public Services (section 4.9)
Official Statements (section 1.3)
Oral Reprimand (section 2.43)
Out-Of-Area Use of Library (section 2.221)
Parking Reimbursement (section 2.7)
    Conduct (section 4.232)
    Group Visits (section 4.231)
    Safe Child (section 4.234)
    Suggestions, Feedback, and Complaints (section 4.235)
Periodical Gifts (procedure)
Photography, Audio and Video Taping in Library Facilities (section 5.5)
Physically Handicapped, Services to (procedure)
Policy Manual
    Changes to (section 1.28)
    Locations of (section 1.28)
Portraits in the Libraries (section 2.81)
Positions, Filling at JMRL (procedure)
Posting Signs (section 4.51)
Printing from the Internet (procedure)
Procedures at Board Meetings (section 1.26)
Public Employees' Code of Ethics (section 2.1)
Public Comments at JMRL Board Meetings (section 1.261)
Public Hearings (section 1.262)
Reconsideration of Library Materials (procedure)
Records Retention and Disposition (section 1.7)
Reduction in Pay (section 2.43)
    Call Back (procedure)
    Desk - Branches (procedure)
    Desk - Central (procedure)
    Telephone (procedure)
References for Employment (procedure)
Regional Agreement (section 1.24)
Religious Accommodations (section 2.12)
Request for Workshop/Conference Attendence (procedure)
Requesting Donations (section 4.53)
Safe Child (section 4.234)
Schedule of Library Closings (section 5.4)
Schools, Cooperation with (section 4.54)
Signage (section 5.6)
Smoke-Free Library (section 4.236)
Smoking (section 4.232)
Social Media (section 4.81)
Soliciitng in the Library (section 4.232)
Staff Memorials and Commemorations (section 2.8)
Staff Representation to the JMRL Board (section 1.23)
Staff Representation to JMRL Board Committees (section 1.23)
Standing Orders, Rotation of (procedure)
Suggestions and Complaints (section 4.235)
Suspension of Employee (section 2.43)
Training and Development (section 2.2)
Travel Regulations (section 2.6)
Tuition Reimbursement (section 2.2)
Unattended Children (section 4.234)
Unsolicited Gifts of Non-Library Materials (section 1.6)
Vacant Positions (procedure)
Vehicle Use (section 2.61)
Vertical File (procedure)
Video Taping (section 5.5)
Virginia Library Association Membership (section 2.2)
Volunteers (section 2.9)
Warnings (section 2.43)
Website (section 4.8)
Weeding (procedure)
Workshop/Conference Attendance (section 2.2)

ALA Library Bill of Rights

Interpretations to the ALA Library Bill of Rights

ALA Freedom to Read Statement

ALA Free Access to Libraries for Minors

ALA Freedom to View Statement