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*[ '''Jill Nelson'''] *[ '''Jill Nelson''']
*[ '''Lionel Newton'''] *[ '''Lionel Newton''']
-*[ '''ZZ Packer''']+*[ '''ZZ Packer''']
*[ '''Gwendolyn M. Parker'''] *[ '''Gwendolyn M. Parker''']
*[ '''Gordon Parks'''] *[ '''Gordon Parks''']
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*[ '''Brenda Lane Richardson'''] *[ '''Brenda Lane Richardson''']
*[ '''Len Riley'''] *[ '''Len Riley''']
-*[[Cheryl Robinson]]+*[ '''Cheryl Robinson''']
-*[[Kimberla Lawson Roby]]+*[ '''Kimberla Lawson Roby''']
-*[[Dori Sanders]]+*[ '''Dori Sanders''']
-*[[Sapphire]]+*[ '''Sapphire''']
-*[[Ntozake Shange]]+*[ '''Ntozake Shange''']
-*[[Charlotte Watson Sherman]]+*[ '''Charlotte Watson Sherman''']
-*[[April Sinclair]]+*[ '''April Sinclair''']
-*[[Ian Smith]]+*[ '''Ian Smith''']
-*[[Mary Burnett Smith]]+*[ '''Mary Burnett Smith''']
-*[[Eboni Snoe]]+*[ '''Eboni Snoe''']
-*[[Sister Souljah]]+*[ '''Sister Souljah''']
-*[[Camika Spencer]]+*[ '''Camika Spencer''']
-*[[Michelle Stimpson]]+*[ '''Michelle Stimpson''']
-*[[Jeff Stetson]]+*[ '''Jeff Stetson''']
-*[[Susan Straight]]+*[ '''Susan Straight''']
-*[[Barbara Summers]]+*[ '''Barbara Summers''']
-*[[Lalita Tademy]]+*[ '''Lalita Tademy''']
-*[[Jervey Tervalon]]+*[ '''Jervey Tervalon''']
-*[[Joyce Carol Thomas]]+*[ '''Joyce Carol Thomas''']
-*[[Trisha Thomas]]+*[ '''Trisha Thomas''']
-*[[Jean Toomer]]+*[ '''Jean Toomer''']
-*[[Dawn Turner Trice]]+*[ '''Dawn Turner Trice''']
-*[[David Dante Troutt]]+*[ '''David Dante Troutt''']
-*[[Nikki Turner]]+*[ '''Nikki Turner''']
-*[[Omar Tyree]]+*[ '''Omar Tyree''']
-*[[Melvin Van Peebles]]+*[ '''Melvin Van Peebles''']
-*[[A. J. Verdelle]]+*[ '''A. J. Verdelle''']
-*[[Brent Wade]]+*[ '''Brent Wade''']
-*[[Alice Walker]]+*[ '''Alice Walker'''''']
-*[[Margaret Walker]]+*[ '''Margaret Walker''']
-*[[Carl Weber]]+*[ '''Carl Weber''']
-*[[Ivan Webster]]+*[ '''Ivan Webster''']
-*[[Valerie Wilson Wesley]]+*[ '''Valerie Wilson Wesley''']
-*[[Dorothy West]]+*[ '''Dorothy West''']
-*[[Franklin White]]+*[ '''Franklin White''']
-*[[Van Whitfield]]+*[ '''Van Whitfield''']
-*[[Amberlina Wicker]]+*[ '''Amberlina Wicker''']
-*[[John Edgar Wideman]]+*[ '''John Edgar Wideman''']
-*[[John Alfred Williams]]+*[ '''John Alfred Williams''']
-*[[Sherley Anne Williams]]+*[ '''Sherley Anne Williams''']
-*[[Teri Woods]]+*[ '''Teri Woods''']
-*[[Richard Wright]]+*[ '''Richard Wright''']
-*[[Al Young]]+*[ '''Al Young''']
-*[[Shay Youngblood]]+*[ '''Shay Youngblood''']
[[Category:Adult Fiction]] [[Category:Adult Fiction]]
[[Category:African American]] [[Category:African American]]

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