Wireless Access Information

  • What is Wireless Internet Access?
    It is the ability to access the Internet with a portable computing device without having to plug into a wall outlet.
  • What do I need for Wireless Internet Access?
    You need a personal portable laptop computer with a wireless network interface (NIC) card with the standards called "802.11b" or "802.11g."
  • Who can use Wireless Access at JMRL? Do I need a library card?
    Anyone who complies with the Library's Internet Policy may use our Wireless Access service. A JMRL library card is not required.
  • Does the Library provide laptops or NIC Cards?
    No, users must bring their own.
  • Where can I get a Wireless Access card?
    Many new laptops come with wireless access as a standard feature. Older laptops can be outfitted with a wireless network interface (NIC) card at local electronics and computer stores or by purchasing online. Consult your laptop manual for specifications.
  • Where can I get help setting up my laptop for Wireless Access?
    If you are not familiar with computers or networking, we recommend bringing someone with you who can help you configure your laptop. The library has books about computer hardware and software.
  • If I have problems using Wireless Access in the library, can the library staff help me?
    Library staff is not permitted to provide assistance configuring laptops. The library cannot accept the liability of handling your equipment. The library does not guarantee or support Wireless Access with any specific software program.
  • Is the information on my laptop safe while I am connected?
    Wireless transmissions by their nature can be intercepted very easily. Utilizing virus protection, a personal firewall, and other measures to protect the information on your laptops is highly recommended and is the sole responsibility of the laptop users. The Library is not responsible for any loss of information or damage to your laptop that might result from using the wireless network or other facilities in the library.
  • Where can I use Wireless Access?
    Wireless Access is offered in all JMRL branches.