Exhibits: through MAY 2015


In the Meeting Room: Art by students of North Branch School

The Art Program At NBS School starts in the fall with the North Branch School tradition of Calendars! Every year each student makes a calendar as a gift to give to someone. Each calendar contains 12 images that they create in art class each week until winter break. This year our calendar art theme was Self-portraits. The students spent the first three weeks of the year redefining and improving on the drawings that they made of themselves while looking in a mirror. After that, they played with these images while learning about the art history of self portraits, the elements and principles of design and trying different techniques and mediums.

Once the students return from winter break, the classroom opens up into choice-based studios and I incorporate a curriculum that is based in Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) techniques. TAB is a nationally recognized choice-based art education approach to teaching art. The Teaching for Artistic Behavior concept enables students to experience the work of the artist through authentic learning opportunities and responsive teaching.

Choice-based art education regards students as artists and offers them real choices for responding to their own ideas and interests through the making of art. Choice-based art education supports multiple modes of learning and assessment for the diverse needs of students.

Karen Blackburn

Art Teacher

North Branch School

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